Duoprime M1814, primer for melamine and laminate surfaces

DuoPrime M1814

Duoprime M1814 is fully compatible with standard UV-lines, including standard roller coaters and UV-lamps. Implementation is simple and doesn’t require any additional equipment.

The product is a 1-component (1K), 100% (no solvents) primer, and relies on low amounts of primer consumption. Duoprime M1814 works with most acrylate coatings. Additionally, we have a number of fully tested systems with top coats from selected coating partners, with a variety of looks, from full gloss super matte, including excimer top coats.

The reaction is rapid, enabling QC of the coating performance as soon as it leaves the UV production line.

For more information, download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) below.


Download Technical Data Sheet